Changwon Tour Tower Promotion Committee Introduction

Constructs a new paradigm of cultural content. Changwon Tourism Tower Construction Promotion Committee.

Promotion Committee Organization Chart

Position Name Affiliation
Advisor Jaekyu Park President of Kyongnam Univ.; Former minister of unification
Weeseung Choi Honorary president of Moohak group
Dalgon Lee Former minister of government administration & home affairs; former top political secretary to President
Haejoo Chung Former minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy, former minister of the office for Government policy coordination
Gunhyun Lee Member of National Assembly (Tongyong, Gosung); Secretary general of Saenuri Party
Juyoung Lee Former minister of Maritime Affaris and Fisheries, member of National Assembly (Masan)
Taeho Kim Member of National Assembly (Kimhae); Former governor of Kyongnam; top-up Assembly Members of Saenuri Party
Kiyoun Kang Member of National Assembly (Changwon)
Hanpyo Kim Member of National Assembly (Geoje)
Jangsil Kim Member of National Assembly; Former 1st Vice Minister, Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Youngjin Goh Former superintendent of education, Kyongnam
Seungmin Cha President of Kookje newspaper
chairman of
Hyuntae Kim Former president of Changwon Univ.
Gwangwon Lee Former vice-president of Kyongnam Univ.
Wankyu Chung President of JaeJin Co. Ltd.
Committee for
the media
Wonyoul Lee Director of Strategic Business, MBC
Sunglim Lee General manager of KNN
Woonggi Choi Former president of Kyongnam newspaper
Insoo Kim General manager of newshounds Kyongnam department, Kookje Newspaper
Osu Park Professor, Seoul National Univ.
Youngwon Hwang Vice-president of Chungang Univ.
Ikjin Suh Professor, Kyongnam Univ.
Wonhong Lee Professor, Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology
Kyonngsoo Kim Dean of Art college, Changwon Univ.
Jungmuk Kang Vice president of Changshin Univ.
Sunghyuk Bae Director of Planning and Administration, Masan Univ.
Miyeon Kim Director of International Cooperation, Changwon Moonsung Univ.
Kyeong-Jin Tark Researcher, Yonsei Univ.
Committee for
future education
Myongdal Suh Director of Future Educational Foundation of Kyongnam; Professor of Kyongnam Univ.
Donghwan Choi Director of Future Educational Foundation of Kyongnam; President of Sunjin Construction
Raeho Lee General manager of Kyongnam Development Cooperation
Committee for
Cable car
Hyunki Shin Manager of Hyosung Cablecar Co. Ltd.
Kyongchul Shin Former president of Tongyoung Tourism Development Cooperation
Jongman Cho Attorney at law, Dayul Law Firm
Gije Cho Attorney at law
Wontae Kim Attorney at law, Keumkang Law Firm
Seongsoo Lee Representative of Lee Seongsoo Judical Scrivener Office
Gwangjin Tark Consultant, PWC
Jaeheung Cho Representative of Wooduk Accounting Cooporation
Committee for
medical service
Jongsoo Park Former president of Kyongnam Korean Medicine Association; Director of Samil Jeongpung Hospital
Kyonghwan Park Director of Masan Chungah Hosipital
Committee of
Chulsoo Han President of Masan Branch, Changwon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President of Korea Steal Co. Ltd.
Sangsoo Kim President of Hanlim Construction Co.
Taegeun Cho Representative of Shinhwa Engineering
Dongho Shin Representative of Archiforum Architects; Professor of Dong-eui Univ.
Hyoseok Choi President of Jeongwoo Development Co. Ltd.
Seokbum Lee Representative of Taewoong Co. Ltd.
Wonsook Lee Representative of Sungjin Electric power Co. ltd.
Seongsoo Lee President of Geonhwa Co. Ltd.
Jongboo Kim Former deputy mayor of Changwon City; Former represenative of Deoksan General Construction Co. ltd.
Hodeok Choi President of Bumhan Engineering Co. Ltd.
Gwangjoo Choi Representative of Gwangdeuk General Construction
Heungmo Lee President of Youngdo Chemical Co. Ltd.
Deokyu Lee Representative of Hanjin Electric Industry Co. Ltd.
Jeomjin Goh Representative of Dongmyung MTS Co. Ltd.
Dokeun Kim Manager of BMW Changwon branch
Pansoo Kim Representative of IPC Co. Ltd.
Hoon Kim Former executive director of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
Taeyoung Heo Representative of GTE Construction Co. Ltd.
Taeseok Um Representative of Hi Air Conditioning System Co. Ltd.
Deoksoo Bae Representative of JeongKwang Pumpcar
Inhwan Chung Head of Changwon Convention Center
Byunghwan Chung Representative of Castop Co. Ltd.
Kyongsook Kang Representative of Yongsung landscaping Co. Ltd.
soo gab Hwang  
Members of
City Council
Gwangsik Chung Member of Provioncial Assembly
Myounggeun Lee Former member of Changwon City Council
Isoo Kim Former member of City Council
Committee for
Hwangoo Heo Former director of Changwon City, President of Namgang Changwon Forum
Hyunggyun Kim Former deputy mayor of Jinhae City.
Committee for
Culture, Art,
and Sports
Seungsam Lee Director of Changwon Ssireum
Yangjae Lee Vice-president of Kyongnam Shooting Federation
Donghae Lee Vice-president of Korean Amateur Tennis Organization
Jekyu Kang Film Director, Representative of Kang Jekyu film
Jongseon Kim Representative of Entertainment
Sungjin Cho Representative of Directors Entertainment
Yoontak Lee Art director of Miryang Theater village
Hyunkyong Baek Art direcor of Ion ensemble
won seck Jung HORN Pictures, International. Inc.
Hae yoon Park Representative of happy eat out Myongga
Committee for
Cruise &
swimming pool
Younsong Chung Representative of Minam Cruise
Injoon Choi Representative of Haeyang Reports
for Fianace
Myunghwan Seong Vice-president of Busan Bank
Wonhee Kyung Former vice-president of Kyongnam Bank
Jongho Jeon Manager of Industrial Bank of Korea, Changwon Branch
Secretary General Gilyong Tark Representative of SCC Co. Ltd.
Chulhyun Kim Representative of Hrum Cooperation Co. Ltd.
Jaechul Moon Representative of Neksem Co. Ltd.
Kwonjong Park Representative of Bukyong Industry
Donghoon Kang Director of Myongga Co. Ltd.
Kyongdong Song President of Car Town
Jeongman Kam Representative of Shinyong Co. Ltd.
Sangho Lim President of Sangho Building Industry
Youngsook Seo  
Jeongsook Joo  
Hyesook Goh  
Sunhee Choi  
Jeonghwa Hwang  
Oksoon Cho